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What Are Install Conversion Rates and Why Are They Important?

Among the variety of mobile marketing KPIs, pre-install conversion rates are used to measure the volume of users that make it through your conversion funnel to install.

While an install is not considered the real “end game” of marketing efforts, it is still an important milestone, as users must physically download the app to their phone and invest attention and/or resources into it.

Let’s explore each metric:

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Click-through rate (CTR)

In the app space, this usually means to the app store page in app install ads, or to a specific page within an app in a re-engagement campaign

Formula: Number of clicks / number of ad views

Informs: Creative optimization

Explanation: Higher in the funnel, CTR has limited value informing other overall marketing goals, but directly reflects the effectiveness of a creative in a campaign based on the clicks received.

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Click to install (CTI)

We know that user acquisition is tough. If you spend time running install ads, creating referral programs, and building sharing features for your app, you see many types of links to your app being shared and clicked.

Formula: Number of installs / number of ad clicks

Informs: Creative and app store optimization; targeting; and/or tech implementation (for example, your MMP, internal ID matching tech, and time between the game loading and the attribution provider firing an install event to the API) that can affect loading and downloading times.

Explanation: Measuring the direct conversion between the two strongest touchpoints on a pre-install user journey, CTI is both socially and technically critical, as lower rates might mean less relevant audiences, ineffective creatives, or slow loading time before an install is complete.

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Installs per mille (IPM – Install per 1000 impressions)

Often used as part of a mobile advertising or user acquisition strategy which aims to buy new users for an app.

Formula: Number of installs / 1000 impressions

Informs: Creative optimization; lowering CPIs; boosting install volumes; and/or effective waterfall bidding and management

Explanation: IPM shows the full picture of the user journey when targeting new users. Additionally, a high IPM directly impacts the waterfall ad bidding process, moving the rank of a given ad campaign towards the top due to the high performance of a creative, ad, and campaign in generating installs. In turn, the ad receives more traffic and a higher volume of impressions, further boosting install rate.

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