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Integrating the Networks You Need

Gain and share deep insights about all your add networks.

Nothing gets a data-driven marketer as excited as data! Easily share deep insights from your paid marketing programs with your team and clients. They get an automated email with a beautiful report filled with information, you save time by automating custom branded emails.

Drive ROI by creating compelling dashboards with real-time data and easily share automated reports.


Google Ads

Twitter Ads

Yahoo Gemini

Amazon Advertising



Bing Ads

YouTube Ads


Facebook Ads Automation and Reporting

We automate your Facebook ads reporting, ad optimizations, and ad rotations with AdStage

We save countless hours previously spent pulling and prepping data in spreadsheets. We create new dashboards in seconds, and then streamline your processes with templates.

With AdStage we schedule, white label, and customize your Facebook reporting.

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LinkedIn Ads Reporting and Automation

The most advanced LinkedIn advertising service available

We schedule your LinkedIn ads for specific times of day to eliminate wasteful spend and maximize conversions.

We automatically rotate in new ads based on the performance metrics that matter most to you.

Features Regular
Data API
Google Sheets

Connecting performance marketers to the data they need to analyze performance, build reports, and optimize campaigns

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Google Ads

Google Ads Reporting and Automation Solution

Automate your ad reporting across your Google Ads campaigns including search, display, video, shopping, and mobile app. Use AdStage to analyze the performance of your Google Ads and build reports to impress your boss and clients.

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Twitter Ads Reporting and Automation Solution

We give access to cleaner performance ad data and make better optimization decisions for your campaigns, faster

Save time optimizing campaigns with rules that schedule your campaigns, alert you based on performance, pause campaigns, increase budgets, and more.

We provide you the flexibility to monitor and drive better performance for your ad spend with Automated Rules based on the metrics you care about.

Not only will you have access to cleaner performance data, you’ll be able to make better optimization decisions for your Twitter campaigns, faster.

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Instagram Ads Reporting and Automation Service

We streamline your reporting and automate manual optimizations for your Instagram ads

We automatically rotate in fresh ads based on performance metrics like frequency, reach, or time. Or cycle through sets of ad copy based on the schedule you choose.

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